Wedding ceremonies in many venues Majestic Wedding Chapel, Crystal River, Florida

Crystal River, Florida Wedding ceremonies in many venues

Crystal River, Florida Wedding ceremonies in many venues

Make that special day unforgettable!

Wedding RingsWe have a new wedding chapel and a reception center  now located in downtown historic Crystal River next to the water. We offer affordable weddings in an elegant Wedding Chapel, boat weddings, or outdoor setting overlooking the water. We offer full service weddings including decorations, a dressing room, and reception hall.

Cindi has her notary certificate and has performed a variety of weddings. Majestic Wedding Chapel can make you dream wedding day come true!Angel altar At the Majestic Wedding Chapel, we know that no love is the same and no wedding should be the same either. If you want to celebrate in a way as unique as your love, consider our wedding chapel in exciting Crystal River. Many people have chosen us for their nuptials. Our chapel has fostered romance and married many of couples.

You might want to get married in Crystal River within a certain time frame, and create a memorable wedding you can afford. Perhaps you want to start your union in a special way. Or maybe you want to renew your vows and create new memories after years together.

Whatever your situation and preferences may be, we offer romantic and affordable options for your day. We also have expert wedding coordinators that will assist you in selecting the ceremony of your choice.

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